Critical Power

UPS & CPS systems

Integ supplies and supports the most state-of-the-art uninterruptible power systems available at any price. Whether battery-backed or flywheel, engine-coupled or stand-alone, Integ is you one source for UPS/CPS support. Our flagship UPS systems feature active front ends with full IGBT rectification. This means no THD issues, no switching capacitive filters, and no leading power factor engine shutdowns. We can supply VRLA batteries, FLA (flooded), NiCAD or NiMH. We can help you through the maze of when and where to apply these technologies to optimize YOUR infrastructure availability and cost.

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Stand-by Diesel and Gas Generators / Turbines

Integ supplies diesel & gas generators and turbine systems from under 100 KW to over 2 MW in size. Whether it is standby power, peak shaving or co-generation, Integ has the history to assure successful project completion. We are experts on EPA Tier rating, paralleling & utility relay issues, critical acoustical enclosures & walk-ins, fuel storage and diesel start reliability. Integ can not only supply and install your diesel or turbine generation system, but we will handle all testing, permitting, and 7 x 24 service requirements as well.

Transfer Switching

Automatic Transfer Switches, or ATSs, are required when auxiliary or stand-by power generation such as diesel generation is deployed. ATSs can be of open transition (break-before-make) or closed transition (make-before-break) type. CT ATSs require correct relaying and utility coordination but are extremely valuable in severe weather geographies. ATSs can also have built-in bypass capability or not. You can even install sub-cycle ASTS. Integ's experts can guide you through the choices.

Power Distribution Units

PDUs have become indispensable in replacing wall distribution panels in data centers. Reasons include limiting voltage drop, and eliminating common mode noise by recreating a separately derived point of galvanic isolation. Integ offers standard isolation PDUs, Remote Power Panels (RPPs), Dual Input PDUs for redundant applications, and STS PDUs for sub-cycle load switching.

Integ application engineers can help you decide when & where to use PDUs over panels, RPPs instead of multi-panel PDUs, and 1/4 cycle switch products for single cord critical loads.

Battery Monitoring

Batteries are the most likely cause of a UPS failure, and also the most likely cause of a generator start failure. A single cell failing open will completely disable an entire 240 cell battery string. Integ offers complete battery monitoring to prevent or mitigate these failures.

Harmonic Filters

Harmonic Filters correct poor power factor, while avoiding potential dangerous resonance points, particularly associated with the 5th and 7th harmonic. They also optimize load on facility wiring & transformers, and can help to eliminate or reduce power factor penalties levied by the local utility.

Transient Voltage & Surge Suppression

Lightning strikes occur worldwide. In fact, there are an average of some 1,900 thunderstorms underway around the world at any given moment. Lightning strikes cause an estimated $200 million in property damage, with catastrophic impact. And lightning is far from the only cause of voltage surges. Blown transformers, utility capacitor bank failures, even neighbor load cycling can cause dangerous surges. Integ offers a wide line of TVSS and lighting arrestor solutions to protect your facility.

DC Rectifier Systems

We provide 24V and 48V DC power system solutions for a variety of low to medium power telecom and data applications. These efficient power systems are designed for applications requiring compact solutions including Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)/powered LAN and Internet telephony/Voice-over-IP (VoIP) systems.


Air Conditioning & Humidification

Integ works with a wide variety of business partners and equipment providers to assure maximum reliability in your critical mechanical systems. Whether it is a multi-hundred ton CW plant, strategically placed DX or Glycol, central ultrasonic humidification, or urgent facility modifications to address high density load heating, Integ has a solution.

Raised Flooring

Integ can integrate any of its computer room products into your raised floor environment. We not only custom cut floor tiles, but we are experts in proper disabling of fire suppression & EPO systems which so often get forgotten in A trade work. We will also address any seismic concerns with engineered floorstands for CRACs, PDUs, RPPs, UPS or battery cabinets as appropriate.

Water Detection

Protect your entire infrastructure, including production and services, against water related problems that cause structural damage and costly downtime with alarm monitoring and annunciation equipment from Integ. Chilled water piping, condensate lines, plumbing line, roof leak issues - any of these can bring you down before you know it. Protect yourself with water detection monitoring.

Facility Monitoring

Converge IT and facilities with a single platform that accommodates SNMP, BACNet/IP, Modbus and more. Integ facility monitoring and BMS systems get the machine intelligence, not just summary information, with detailed moment by moment data, in addition to your surveillance cameras. Incorporate your choice of sensors including: temperature sensors, humidity sensors, water detection cable, voltage and current sensors, and IP network surveillance cameras. We specialize in retrofits to existing critical power systems with integral older, problematic monitoring systems.

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